Special thank you

Sweet Queen collection

When I first saw photos from my new collection “Sweet Queen”  I remained speechless in the face of so much beauty! Thanks Epaminondas Koutsoukis for the dream result but also for trusting me with your daughter, the most beautiful model.

Marylou Tziveleki, thank you! We worked, once again flawlessly!
Maria Lili, without your participation, the project wouldn’t be made.

Photographer: Epaminondas Koutsoukis

Hair & Makeup: Marylou Tziveleki

Model: Melina Koutsoukis

Alice collection

Each time that I finish working on a collection, I have a talk with my brother-friend, Epaminondas Koutsoukis, in order to discuss what inspired me and what “story” I would like him to convey through his pictures. I have no idea how he realizes the images I have in my head! He is simply the best!

My collaboration with Dimitris Stratos is always successful and he remains a flawless professional hair and makeup artist.

During my recent acquaintance with Carina Surina I discovered the girl that I wanted for the promotion of my new work. She surprised me with her beauty, her sparkly eyes and spontaneity. She is a multitalented, bright, sweet girl.

Photographer: Epaminondas Koutsoukis

Hair & Makeup: Dimitris Stratos

Model: Carina Surina

Cream & Snow collection

Sometimes it’s hard to find words to express your gratitude to colleagues and friends who helped to bring out the best of your work!  I believe that it’s a talent to know how to choose people that stand beside you.

Thank you guys! You were great and so is the result of our collaboration!

Photographer: Epaminondas Koutsoukis

Photographer’s assistant: Edi Andrew Kaloshi

Hair & Makeup: Dimitris Stratos

Model: Katya Tarabanko

Princess collection

Once more, I would like to thank the photographer, friend and colleague, Epaminondas Koutsoukis. To my pleasure and honor he undertook this project and managed to uncover the “soul” of my designs.

I feel lucky for my collaboration with Dimitris Stratos, who created an amazing look through hairstyle and makeup to Katya Tarabanko, a unique and truly amazing model.

Kid sister collection

A warm thank you to my good friend, Petros Harpalis who managed to create magic with his lens, no matter the unfavorable photoshoot conditions, as well as my girl, Alexandra Koutromanou, who is a unique, patient and beautiful model.

Ela black collection

A great big thank you to my photographer and friend, Petros Harpalis, for the excellent photoshoot, as well as to the beautiful and talented model, Alexandra Koutromanou.

Buttercup collection

We have concluded the photo-shoot of the new collection, Buttercup, for Spring-Summer 2015! I am delighted by the outcome of the professional work of all participants and I would like to thank them for their effort to highlight my work:

The exquisite, young model Alexandra Koutromanou.

The very talented, Marylou Tzivelekis, who did the hair and makeup of Alexandra.

The gifted photographer, Epaminondas Koutsoukis, whose work is out of this world.

Francis collection

The presentation of this collection is based on team effort and support from my friends who have done a superb job. I take this opportunity to thank them and express my gratitude for their valuable help:

My model and inspiration for this collection who wants to remain anonymous.

Epaminondas Koutsoukis, the truly talented photographer, who worked endless hours on this project.

Dimitra Naskari, whose idea was this photo shoot but also for her valuable support.

Danai Kokka: for the make up

Anna Ougourlian: for the hair

Zoe Brousali: for the jewelry

Costumier: for the hats

Elina Vaki and Christina Dalla, who have created this gorgeous site and gave me the opportunity to communicate my designs to you.